A Display of My Dark Power


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Archenemy (ARC) Common

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A Display of My Dark Power


When you set this scheme in motion, until your next turn, whenever a player taps a land for mana, that player adds one mana to his or her mana pool of any type that land produced.

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A Display of My Dark Power Discussion

clayperce on Argy

1 year ago

A huge CONGRATS on the #1 for Monothopters [Frontier]!
Sometimes the ends really do justify the means! :-)

By the way, the whole S. "Grim Reaper" Bannon thing reminded me of the old Archenemy Scheme cards (especially the flavor text). A Display of My Dark Power, perhaps? Or Embrace My Diabolical Vision?


Went 2-3 last night with Serious Infection. I played tight (i.e. I could have certainly made some better plays, but had no real misplays) and think I boarded well (with one exception), so have no right to complain. But I'm going to anyways: Having to face not just one but TWO decks with Melira, Sylvok Outcast in the main? Really?!? :-D