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27 December 2017


Magic: The Card Game

Magic: The Card Game, copyright 2017, is a collectible card game, owned and developed by Wizards of the Midwest Inc. The game mechanics and rules are similar to those of the game Magic: The Gathering. According to the rules of Magic: The Card Game, you are allowed to use cards from other games such as the popular game Magic: The Gathering, however the text of the Magic: The Gathering cards are not directly used in the game. Instead they may be interpreted according to a series of suggestions as seen below in section A. Section B gives a brief statement, explaining why Magic: The Card Game is revolutionary, fantastic, and more fun than Magic: The Gathering.

Section A - Suggestions as to the interpretation of Magic: The Gathering Card texts.

This is not an official rulebook for Magic: The Card Game, but a basic framework of suggestions for interpreting the text of Magic: The Gathering Cards to fit the gameplay of Magic: The Card Game. For example, if, in a game of Magic: The Card Game, you have in your deck of Magic: The Card Game cards, a Magic: The Gathering card with a printed label: "Wurmcoil Engine". You may legally use this card in your Magic: The Card Game deck (presuming that the interpreted meanings in the game of Magic: The Card Game are conducive with the format of play that the players have agreed to, eg. Standard Play, Modern Play, etc.). However Magic: The Card Game does not recognize the wording of the given Magic: The Gathering card titled: "Wurmcoil Engine", but instead recognizes it as "Wormcoil Engine". In the same way, the rest of the text of the Magic: The Gathering card called "Wurmcoil Engine" is not recognized by the game Magic: The Card Game, but instead the players may agree on an interpretation. As an example,

"Wormcoil Engine 6
Object with Magical properties life-form - Worm
Death-Giver, Life-Giver
When Wormcoil Engine is put into a discard pile from the place where battles commence, put a 3/3 Worm object with magical properties life-form with Death-giver and a 3/3 Worm Object with magical properties life-form with Life-giver onto the battlefield, represented with any object you see fit.
In this example, the "6/6" represent the creatures Strength and Health attributes. Life-giver and death-giver function in a similar way to the Deathtouch and Lifelink mechanics as in MTG, however, they are different, because they are called Death-giver and Life-giver. The "Object with Magical Properties" functions very similar to the "Artifact" type card in MTG. Also MTCG's "Life-form" type correlates very well with MTG's "Creature" type. And "Any object you see fit" is an interpretation of the MTG "Token". This is merely an example of a possible interpretation of a Magic: The Gathering card's text, such that it might be used in an official game of Magic: The Card Game. For use of Magic: the Gathering cards in official Magic: The Card Game tournaments and events, it is suggested that the host of the tournament have a set of rules that give clear interpretations of Magic: The Gathering cards that must be agreed upon by all participants of the event, so that in the case that some individual happens to have brought MTG cards to use in the event, there are no disputes as to the interpretations of said individual's cards.

Section B - Why Magic: The Card Game is Revolutionary and Fantastic and More Fun than Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Card Game, has no official rules regarding which cards are used, from which games, and which interpretations of cards are used. Any individual can print, distribute, or Monetize Magic: The Card Game cards. However, the players of the game are welcome to create their own Meta-clubs, Rule-blocks, legal card lists. For example, some individuals choose to play Magic: The Card Game with a Meta that excludes all cards, but Magic: The Gathering cards. Those players are free to do so. The creation and adherence to these sorts of rule-blocks are encouraged by Wizards of the Midwest, as they prevent a given individual from creating cards that would make the game unfair. By creating Meta-clubs, Rule-blocks, legal card lists, etc., Magic: The Card Game is far more fun than Magic: The Gathering, and less subject to price gouging and monopolization problems that MTG faces.


Magic: The Card Game and its owner, Wizards of the Midwest, are not associated in any way with the card game "Magic: The Gathering." Wizards of the Midwest is not liable and takes no responsibility for any use of Magic: The Gathering cards conducted by any individual while playing the card game "Magic: The Card Game."

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