B.C Comix

17125 Silver pkwy Fenton , MI

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FNM $5 Entry 60+ player average, huge prize pool.

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Super IQ Starcity Tournement25.00 register 10am Deck list required Pro level no invitation requiredMore details on Starcity.com


Modern weekly tournement

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Old Dog New Tricks R/W Devo Playtest

Standard ColdHeartedSith

SCORE: 14 | 13 COMMENTS | 3842 VIEWS Top 8: 01/24

45 person FNM hit top 8 again vs some very good players and decks. This deck continues to show performance and consistency in the meta.
1 year ago

Bowels of the Earth Playtest

Legacy ColdHeartedSith

SCORE: 1 | 4 COMMENTS | 323 VIEWS Top 8: 01/22

RD 1 Vs Not sure but I think I burned out esper 2-0 RD 2 Vs Mono black Zombies devotion thing lost 2-1 rd 3 bye Rd 4 Vs Tez Deck and I won 2-0 both games close 2 life to 2 life and won game one with a block ...
1 year ago