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pskinn01 on updated binder W: offers of ...

3 days ago

I have recently updated my binder with some MM17 cards.

My deckbox account is kept more up to date (with correct printings, foils, numbers on hand etc), as I just copy and paste onto this sites trade binder. I have not changed the condiitons of most of my cards from the default, most my cards or LP or better.

US Perfered.

Wiling to look at other binders if you give me a link (or ask if you don't get how to do that).

Would rather trade for less cards or equal amount of cards as I have WAY too many cards as is).

Will also sale if interested in going that route.

Would like any and all transactions (trades or sales) to be over $20, but wiling to negotiate on a case by case basis.

pskinn01 on H: Japanese Atraxa deck W ...

2 weeks ago

I recently acquired a sealed Japanese Breed Lethality commander deck which is the one with Atraxa in it I would like the English version. The deck I get would need to be in lp or better condition, but doesn't have to be sealed.

I would consider other trades for it also.