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Zaueski on Grixis Control Finisher

5 days ago

I'm going to build a Grixis spells deck for HOU. Obviously that whole set has not been spoiled as of yet but I wanted to organize my thoughts on the top end creatures and then hear your replies...

Torrential Gearhulk vs. The Scorpion God

Torrential Gearhulk -


  1. Flash

  2. Super strong etb ability

  3. Psuedo-Haste for an extremely fast clock.


  1. Requires an Instant themed deck

  2. Puts me solidly in blue and counterspells making red and black splash colors

  3. Is a well known entity and people know how to hate him out.

  4. Abrade

The Scorpion God -


  1. Cheaper

  2. Has an amazing engine if you can untap with him

  3. Blocks well with everything while mana is open

  4. Recursive because he comes back to hand


1.Requires tapping out on my turn

  1. Requires a lot of kill spells instead of counterspells

  2. Weak to noncreature decks

  3. Draw engine can be a little bit clunky.

Zaueski on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 week ago

Number of Cards: 184

Prerelease: July 8-9

Release: July 14

Cards released thus far Show