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The_Baneslayer on Merieke Creature Control

5 days ago

Made for my casual playgroup, the goal of the deck is to continuously wear down on your opponents board making there deck effectively useless.

All expesnive cards I already own, and Im looking for a budget way to make the deck better, any help is appreciated.

Merieke Ri Berrit

The_Baneslayer on Favorite Symbols/Set Symbols?

1 week ago

Mine is personally the snow symbol! I love it so damn much!

The_Baneslayer on Images

1 week ago

I'm making a deck called "Whats yours is mine" and want a picture of that kid from Lazy Town to go along with the description, but it never really works, can someone explain the process to me?

The_Baneslayer on Mono Black Deck Help

1 week ago

Wanted to make a legacy deck that any deck running any color other than black would despise, and have a functional lock.

deck:Contamination of the Meta

Ive never built my own Legacy deck before so any help is appreciated.

The_Baneslayer on Deckcycling Not Refreshing Sometimes

2 weeks ago

So a few times my deckcycles have not refreshed, I thought they were supposed to refresh every night at midnight or so.

The_Baneslayer on Background image and special fonts ...

2 weeks ago

Does the $5 upgrade cover this? If so how would I do that