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Poptartz95 on H: Pack Fresh EDH/Modern/Legacy & ...

21 hours ago

I currently am selling or trading (depending on what you have that catches my interest) the following cards.


Karakas < Eternal Masters

Damnation < MM Print

Sylvan Library < MM Print

Wasteland < Eternal Masters

Polluted Delta x4 < Khans Print

Collective Brutality x4

Kolaghan's Command x2

Wrath of God < Full art promo

Mystical Tutor x2 < Eternal Masters

Verdant Catacombs < MM Print

Marsh Flats < MM Print

Arid Mesa < MM Print

I have much more in my binder but these are cards I would like to get rid of!

Currently cards I am seeking are the following. Open to other trades of course these are just the cards I want BADLY!

Bayou MP is fine, only looking for a revised edition.

Liliana of the Veilfoil icon < Pro Tour Promo

Avacyn, Angel of Hopefoil icon < Russian NM. Will buy!

Emeria Angel < WPN Promo

Azusa, Lost but Seeking < Judge Promo

Binder Link

Poptartz95 on Looking for opinions, and possible ...

22 hours ago

So currently I have some cards in my maybeboard I am trying to fit in this deck, but I am un sure if they are actually worth adding. The cards are definitely good, but I am just seeking more opinions on the cards in my maybeboard, and if your opinion is along the lines of adding one or more of those cards I am looking for cuts for those cards as well! Thank you!!

Note: I plan to add Mind's Eye I am just simply waiting for a friend to come home so I can trade for his (literally 3 more days) so that card will 100% be added! No cut suggestions are needed for that card in the maybeboard! Focus on the others please!

Avacyn, Angel of Boardwipes

Commander / EDH Poptartz95

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Poptartz95 on H: Binder W: Gideon Jura*F*

6 days ago

Hello currently I am looking for a Gideon Jura in NM! Take a look at my binder, and hit me with any questions!

Binder link!

Poptartz95 on Looking for some cuts/suggestions/opinions just ...

1 week ago

So I currently play my Mono-white Avacyn, Angel of Hopefoil icon, my Boros Archangel Avacyn  Flip deck, and currently I am looking for suggestions/cuts for both.

Avacyn, Angel of Boardwipes

Commander / EDH Poptartz95

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For my Mono-white deck mainly I am looking for suggestions on what I should cut for potentially some cards in my Maybeboard, and of course I am open to suggestions! I currently really really want to fit Loyal Retainers as it would fit well in the deck however I need some enchantment/artifact removal but finding cuts for those type of cards has become quite difficult.... Looking for any help I can get on that one. Please shoot me any suggestions/opinions/cuts/whatever!

Archangel Avacyn the Purifier

Commander / EDH Poptartz95


As for my Boros deck I am currently just looking for improvement! Any suggestion/cuts are welcome!!!!

As for the budget. There is none right now, I currently have a very good friendship with 2 vendors who can basically get me whatever I need so when making suggestions please don't let a price tag matter I can find a way with my job + connections I got. Please if you make a suggestion on what to add find a card to cut for it as well. Getting suggestions is great but not much I can do when I have no clue what to cut.

Poptartz95 on H: Binder W: Liliana of ...

1 week ago

Currently looking for the following cards!

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

Liliana of the Veilfoil icon < pref judge promo but open to other prints of course!




Wheel of Fortune < revised or judge promo plz!

Loyal Retainers

Only interested in Revised lands also!

Take a look at my binder, and if anything catches your interest please let me know! Any questions or request for more details let me know! Binder link!

Poptartz95 on H: Binder W: Nath of ...

2 weeks ago

Looking for a Nath of the Gilt-Leaf & Thundermaw Hellkite & Thalia, Guardian of Thraben promo on Thalia in NM for something in my binder that catches your interest! Let me know if your interested!

Link to binder

Poptartz95 on Looking for suggestions on a ...

2 weeks ago

Hello! I play a lot of EDH but I usually stick to the Mono-white, boros, or red/black. I have been looking into commanders for a Blue/Black/X deck X being red or just sticking to Blue/Black. I am just looking for some suggestions on commanders to play whether they are Blue/Black/Red or Blue/Black or Blue/Black/White. Tier doesn't matter to me much right now, just a fun & solid commander in those colors :) Not a super budget deck also just looking to expand into more colors really with a fun commander. Shoot me some commander suggestions! All suggestions appreciated