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Deathdragon on If control never developed as ...

1 week ago

Not sure that this is the right forum, however I believe it is.

while play testing a pirate deck I had a very random thought about magic and I want opinions from other on how different would magic be as a whole if control never developed as a play style? Would it be dramatically different or not so different from what it is right now?

Deathdragon on Favorite singer

2 weeks ago

Its that time again, The shadow Theory by Kamelot was released today! It has surpassed my expectations, while Tommy karevick isnt my all time favorite singer he is high on my list, my favorite singer is he with the voice of god Roy Kahn. Who is your favorite singer?

Deathdragon on If magic colors were book ...

3 weeks ago

Credit goes HorseFist and their if magic colors were music genres post for this one.

Is gothic fantasy

Is romanticism (not just romance but Emily Bront romanticism)

Is dictionaries and thesauruses

Is action

Is I want to say slice of life but lets try fantasy

What genres do the colors represent to you?

Deathdragon on What are you listening to ...

4 weeks ago

As I wait for Kamelots April release I have found some interesting bands some of them more more extreme than others (Starkill Im looking at you), the others are more acceptable (Eleine Im looking At you now). I want to hear what you have been listening to recently.