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Boza on Arena Creatureless Punisher Burn

4 weeks ago

I play exclusively on arena for standard (best of 1 games) and recently crafted a bunch of new allegience cards. Rakdos impressed me a lot and I decided to make a punisher burn deck, featuring Sword-Point Diplomacy and Risk Factor as the punisher cards.

There are several new cards that enable the deck:

  • Skewer the Critics is the obvious new card - 3 damage for 1 mana is awesome.

  • Light Up the Stage - 2 cards that you may use this turn and the next and play lands from there? Sign me up!

  • Carnival / Carnage - both sides are useful - the 1 mana spell is the cheapest way we have to enable spectacle, while carnage is useful versus control decks.

  • Theater of Horrors - the best new card for sure. It is just a better Experimental Frenzy for burn decks and works very well with the punisher aspect of the deck, unlike frenzy. Amazing in multiples.

Now the issue I am having trouble with is that the deck has a glaring omission, making it slower - Wizard's Lightning , which is not playable without 8 wizards at least.

So this is the choice:

1/ Include Wizard's Lightning , Viashino Pyromancer and Ghitu Lavarunner , but relinquish the creatureless aspect. Which 12 cards to cut to make room?

2/ Keep as is.