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Boza on WAR possible standard infinite combo ...

2 weeks ago

So, with WAR coming out soon, there is an unofficial spoiler of Ral Zarek.

Supposedly, his static ability is "Whenever you cast or copy a spell, Ral Zarek deals 1 damage to an opponent." His cost is rumored to be .

Thus the combo revolves around using 2 Expansion / Explosion and any other instant or sorcery card. You cast the first expansion to copy the instant or sorcery, then cast the second expansion to copy the first. Then, you keep chaining copies infinitely.

So, you could theoritically go t4 Ral into t5 Opt + 2x Explosion and win on the opponents turn.

Supposing these are real cards, do you think this is the second coming of Saheeli Cat Combo?

Boza on Nahiri vs Sorin

2 weeks ago

We have a side dish to the main event - Nahiri vs Sorin round 3. A history:

Round 1: Nahiri wakes up after a slumber and notices that the Eldrazi were rampaging Zendikar. She tries to call Ugin and Sorin, but nobody picks up. Nahiri goes on Innistrad, finds a very dismissive Sorin and repeatedly asks for assitance. Sorin refuses and even locks up Nahiri in the Helvault . Once Liliana of the Veil breaks that to kill Griselbrand , she frees Nahiri as well.

Round 1 goes to Sorin.

Round 2: Nahiri, the Harbinger instigates all the events of Shadows over Innistrad block, out of revenge for round 1 and after seeing Zendikar ravaged by the Eldrazi. She lures Emrakul to Innistrad, then proceeds to wreck havoc on the plane, up to and including the culling of Markov clan.

Sorin is pissed and fights her. The fights ends at a stalemate, but in the final moment Nahiri seals Sorin in a stone block and planeswalks away to do... something currently unknonwn.

Round 2 goes to Nahiri.

Round 3: The two are lured to Ravnica by Bolas and start fighting as depicted on Single Combat .

Who wins round 3?