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Argeaux on Argy's life total hit 50 ...

1 day ago

Yep, I'm half a century old.

Birthday party on Saturday is to be Amonkhet Sealed with 16 of my friends.

Life is good.

Argeaux on Standard is like a LEGO ...

3 days ago

Here me out.

Standard is like a LEGO competition where you are shown bricks that are Red, Blue, Black, White, and Green, and then told that you can use them to build whatever you like.

Then you are shown a LEGO dog that has been made out of Red, Blue, and Green bricks, and a LEGO cat that has been made entirely out of Black bricks, and you are told that unless you make either of those you won't win the competition.

Off you go now and have fun building with your bricks. Too bad if you like White ones.

Argeaux on Community stats not updating

6 days ago

The deck lords and helper stats are not keeping up to date.

I haven't appeared on the list of top helpers for about a month, despite hovering around the top 60-70 range on my profile.

Argeaux on Looking for Frontier Anti-Planeswalker cards ...

1 week ago

I would like people's opinion:

What card would you Sideboard and why?

Ruinous Path or Never / Return

Argeaux on Amonkhet Pro Tour: Live Comments

1 week ago

I did predict that some people would go back to playing Snek Deck.

Disappointed to see Marvel decks dominating. Hardly a new archetype.

Am surprised that Control hasn't done better.

Argeaux on Standard and the Pro Tour

2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed my last FNM.

There was a variety of decks. People like myself were trying out some really fresh, original builds.

Copy Cat was gone. #1 Mardu Vehicles deck was the only net deck being played, and only two people were playing it.

Then it hit me. This is how Standard had been for me when I first started playing it.

So, what changed?

The prevalence of people copying the winning deck of the Pro Tour is what changed.

The Pro Tour.

What Wizards relies on to drive interest in the Standard format, and sell a lot of cards.

Is it selling more cards, though?

All the net deckers I know buy cards from Sellers, and the net deck cards raise in price.

That must mean that the Sellers have to open packs in order to get the cards.

What happens, though, if you compare how much you make with this process, versus people buying their own packs and building a deck made with a majority of cards they have opened themselves? Buying more packs in the process, to give them more tools to build with.

I don't know, but I'd love to find out.

I was chatting about this with my partner.

He said that he felt like there were actually three viable decks from the Pro Tour that could be played throughout a season, in the past.

He felt that number had dropped with Aether Revolt.

Is the Pro Tour helping to promote Standard, or harming it?

Last FNM was the busiest that I've seen Standard be, for a long time.

I enjoyed it so much that I will be playing again this Friday. I usually only play FNM on a fortnightly basis.

I'm predicting that after the Pro Tour, people who can't afford the top decks will lose interest.

Maybe the Pro Tour does more harm to the format than good.

Your thoughts?

Argeaux on A rules note for split ...

2 weeks ago

I was reading the oracle text for Cut / Ribbons and thought I'd point something out to people that I picked up.


What that means is that you cast the first half then you can move to cast the second half straight away.

The Opponent can't say, "before you do that ..."

I THINK this means they can't Exile it from the Graveyard with something like Scarab Feast, before you cast it. Someone better with rules pick me up on that, if I've gotten it wrong.

They can still Counter it, though.

Argeaux on List your Tappedout Achievements

2 weeks ago

Pretend that this site has Achievements and list yours.


  • Number 1 Standard deck
  • Number 1 Joke deck
  • Over 200 good suggested cards
  • Hub added
  • Accidentally started a fight
  • Stopped a fight
  • Been blocked
  • Top 5 deck lord
  • Built a deck for someone else
  • Pretty name
  • Made a custom card

That's about all I can think of, for now.

Argeaux on Lucky Amonkhet crack

3 weeks ago

I opened a Kaladesh Bundle which was pretty much full of rubbish, until the last pack which had a foil Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

Opened an Amonkhet Bundle tonight and cracked this in the last pack.

Argeaux on Control decks for the Amonkhet ...

3 weeks ago

I wonder if anyone will NOT be playing Control this season.

Variations on it are all I'm seeing in the top lists.

So dull.

Argeaux on Guessing this season's meta

4 weeks ago

I know that a lot of people think that the top decks for the Amonkhet season are going to be Zombie decks.

What about you?

I wouldn't be surprised if Control decks make a bit of a comeback.

Essence Scatter fills the Creature counter spell hole that was left when Nullify dropped out of Standard.

Argeaux on Force of Will deck box

4 weeks ago

Someone wanted me to post pics of my Force of Will leatherette deck box a while ago.

Here they are.